Our investments and experience

Our experience as investors, partners and directors has been driven by our experience in developing and leading businesses, in many instances from an early stage of the business idea to realisation of shareholder value. Our partner’s longer term and recent projects to date include:

ExecuJet Aviation Group

ExecuJet is a leading international corporate aviation group, having been grown from inception in 1994 to the second largest aircraft operator worldwide in 2015. ExecuJet operates on five continents and incorporates turnkey capabilities of aircraft maintenance, FBO and aircraft charter.

Grob Aerospace

Grob Aerospace was an experienced composite military training aircraft developer and manufacturer, built on a long legacy with its roots in sailplane manufacture. Grob developed the spn utility jet, the first in class concept.

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of training aircraft through turbine powered high-end private pilot, low end corporate. Piper was restructured and reformatted in recent years, resulting in it becoming a sustainable market contender in its space.

Axis Simulation

Axis develops and manufactures new technology flight training systems, centred on Level D flight airliner simulator products. This business challenges the classical paradigm of flight training devices.


Bio-Tissue is an original pioneer in the field of tissue regeneration.


Optimus is a new technology integrated operating theatre solution. Optimus improves standard of care through its safer and sterilised environment, reducing risk and infection rates systemically, whilst improving efficiency and operational throughput capacity.